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0330 022 5998 | info@brightwaste.com
Recycling throughout Central Scotland
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Recycling Services Edinburgh, Glasgow, Scotland

Can I recycle this?

There’s recycling. And there’s Bright Recycling.

We provide recycling services in Edinburgh, Glasgow and throughout central Scotland.

Every company produces waste. And every company has to pay for that waste to be removed.

And by law in Scotland – Waste (Scotland) Regulations 2012 – every company has to segregate their waste into different waste streams.

All you need is a recycling system to make this happen, some helpful advice on what waste can be recycled, and a reliable service partner to dispose of the waste.

This is where Brightwaste can help.

A waste recycling system in your place of work can be basic and simple. Or it can be detailed and sophisticated. Either way, you can rely on us for best practice advice. We’ll even provide you with FREE BINS.

We’re not the traditional ‘bin lorry’ company that clogs up city centres in rush hour.

Our model is eco-friendly and nimble. We work from vans that keep your waste segregated and easier to recycle and manage.

We offer a direct collection service and will provide you with the correct containers and supplies to do the job properly. We can either come into your premises and provide a floor by floor service. Alternatively you can have either a bag or bin service dependent on the location and size of your premises.

With our recycling services, we keep it simple, compliant with Scottish Waste Regulations and cost effective. And this means we can enhance your eco credentials.

For all enquires regarding our office recycling services throughout Scotland’s central belt contact us for a fully specified quotation with client references.

Contact us now on 0330 022 5998 or email info@brightwaste.com

Brightwaste Services

Office paper recycling

How to recycle paper and where to put it. Magazines, Newspapers, envelopes, scrap paper and more. But not ALL paper can be recycled. 

Shredded confidential paper recycling

Invoices, HMRC paperwork, payroll and HR paperwork, bank details, legal papers, archives – a simple and secure system for onsite and offsite destruction.

Glass and bottle recycling

Regular or ad hoc services for your mixed glass. We leave you with our caddy and collect when full. 

Cardboard and paper recycling

Bulky cardboard collections are easy for us to manage. Stickers available to add to each uplift.

Can recycling

Aluminium and steel tins are great for recycling. Read our tips and advice on where to put them, how to present them, and what NOT to include.

Plastic waste recycling

How and where to segregate plastic bottles, milk containers, food containers and advice on all other waste plastic.

Food waste recycling bin

Read about the legislation and how we can help you keep compliant with a simple weekly collection service, even for small offices.

Low energy light bulb recycling

Known as ‘lamps’ in the industry, we can arrange correct streaming for halogens, LED’s, fluorescent tubes and all other types of waste lighting.

Old batteries for battery recycling

Batteries must be disposed of separately to your general waste. Read why and see the video on how batteries can cause fire.

PC recycling

Small and large uplifts of electrical equipment for fridges, microwaves, PC’s and laptops and the process for secure data stripping.

Furniture recycling ready for uplift

Old furniture has to go somewhere, so we help find new uses where possible for your old desks, chairs and cabinets.

Work for us

Ever considered a career in recycling Yes, that may surprise you but that’s our approach.

We’re always looking to recruit capable, cheerful people at Brightwaste. If you’d like to join the Brightwaste family, send in your application today.

Client Testimonials

  • “Quick service, no fuss. Easy to organise. Thank you”.

    Nexus Business Centres
  • “Great service. Thank you for all your help and advice”.

    Spotless Commercial Cleaning
  • “We spoke to several companies and felt comfortable that Ace Recycling had a complete package to deal with all our waste streams”.