McDonald Gordon & Co Ltd Recycle Bright

In early 2019, McDonald Gordon & Co engaged Brightwaste to assist them with improving their recycling.


They occupy a town house office in York Place, Edinburgh, on three floors, and employ approximately 20 staff.


We agreed with them to introduce central recycling bins on every level to replace the under-desk bins previously at every desk. As with all Brightwaste customers, these internal cardboard bins were given for free as part of the service, and comprised of Paper, Plastics, Aluminium and General Waste bins.


Initially there was some resistance to the change, and staff took a while to get used to having to use the correct bin. Eventually however, the system was fully adopted, and welcomed by staff.


Recycling rates increased dramatically and consequently McDonald Gordon were able to purchase far more of the cheaper clear recycling sacks and far less of the expensive red sacks for General Waste. It also saves time for the cleaner having fewer bins to empty, and this time can be used for other tasks.


In addition, they took a caddy to collect their glass waste, which Brightwaste collects and charges for on request.


From time to time they have a clear out of broken furniture, print cartridges, electrical items, and more. Brightwaste collect these and take them to the appropriate supplier for ongoing recycling.


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