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0330 022 5998 | info@brightwaste.com
Recycling throughout Central Scotland
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Paper Recycling

Paper recycling by Brightwaste office recycling

Paper Recycling


If everyone in Britain recycled just 10% extra paper it would save approximately 5 million trees a year. Paper recycling makes sense.

What you can recycle

Yes please – magazines, brochures, newspapers, catalogues, directories, junk mail, flat envelopes (even with windows), scrap paper, shredded paper.

What you can’t recycle

No thank you – tissues, hand towels, wet wipes, padded envelopes, any paper that won’t scrunch.

If you can scrunch paper and it stays scrunched, it can be recycled. If you scrunch and it springs back, please put in General Waste

Where you put it

In our special Brightwaste cardboard office bins, in the PAPER section.

How we collect it

The Ace Recycling bin will have a transparent Brightwaste sack liner which you buy from us and when full it is taken to a collection point. We can collect from kerbside, car park or from within your office.

What happens to it

We collect all paper waste centrally and have it uplifted by a paper processor before it goes on to a paper mill for re-selling.