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New concept in office recycling launches in Edinburgh

Cleaning entrepreneur Roger Green is launching a new service to boost recycling in city centre offices in Edinburgh and Glasgow. Brightwaste is a spin off from his highly successful commercial cleaning business Spotless, based in Musselburgh.

Brightwaste helps businesses segregate and stream their waste to improve their recycling and waste management processes without incurring high costs. Businesses now have a legal duty to present metal, plastic, glass, paper and card separately for collection or face fines from the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) ranging from a £300 Fixed Monetary Penalty up to a fine of £10,000 for persistent failure to comply with the duty to segregate materials for recycling.

Roger Green explains: “To recycle responsibly you need systems. That’s what we provide. We advise businesses on how to improve their recycling by supplying the bins they need to segregate at source and make it easy for their staff to separate their waste. This reduces waste that otherwise goes to landfill. We also provide refuse sacks and collect office waste at agreed intervals. We offer a system that is tailored to each customer, and saves money by avoiding fines for not sorting and disposing of waste properly. Waste contractors increase their charges each year on 1st April but we are offering our customers no rate increases for 2017.”

Brightwaste operates a fleet of electrically operated vans that are nimble and flexible, collecting businesses’ separately bagged recyclables directly from their office when they are ready for uplift without being restricted to a timed collection window. To ensure all recycling bags are kept separate Brightwaste collect them in a van as, unlike bin lorries, they won’t mix/mash the recycling together. This ensures compliance and the high-quality recycling, with no contamination from being mashed together, means improved processing and reduced costs overall.

Roger Green said: “At Spotless we subcontracted our waste management service for a while but I soon realised that we could offer our customers a better service tailored to their individual needs. We already helped the businesses whose offices we cleaned separate materials for recycling by using different bins for different types of waste to reduce the amount of waste they sent to landfill but waste collection was an issue. There has to be a better way than jamming our city centres with multiple bin lorries that contaminate recycled waste so the idea of setting up our own waste collection service grew from there and led to the launch of Brightwaste.

“Landfill space is limited so we need to encourage everyone to recycle more responsibly both at home and in their work place. We have to get the most out of our resources, and that means recycling them back into productive use, not burying them in landfills as waste. A key element to our service is training. We know office workers are often time-pressed and won’t spend time dwelling on whether or not a crisp packet is recyclable (they’re not!). So we need to raise awareness to make these decisions instinctive. We provide our customers with communications materials that can be used to run employee awareness campaigns to help educate office staff on what goes where.”

Founded in 1988 by Roger Green while he was at university in Edinburgh, Spotless provides a wide range of cleaning services from office cleaning to Industrial and Commercial spaces in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Newcastle, Sheffield, Leeds and London. It has an annual turnover of £12 million and employs 1200 staff.