0330 022 5998 | info@brightwaste.com
0330 022 5998 | info@brightwaste.com
Recycling throughout Central Scotland
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Light Bulb Recycling

Recycling light bulbs

Mixed Light Bulb Recycling

Known as ‘lamps’ in the industry, we can arrange correct recycling streaming for halogens, LEDs, fluorescent tubes and all other types of waste light bulbs. Leave your mixed light bulb recycling to Brightwaste.

What you can recycle

Yes please – All bulbs and fluorescent tubes.

What you can’t recycle

No thank you – Anything that isn’t a bulb or tube! Never add to your glass collection, please.

Where you put it

We can provide suitable boxes for bulbs and special long tube containers for your fluorescents.

How we collect it

We come into your office at your request and take the items away.

What happens to it

We store the items safely and pay to have them uplifted on request when we reach a certain weight. All items are then carefully recycled for re-use, specifically removing the mercury from inside.