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0330 022 5998 | info@brightwaste.com
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An International Week for ACE!

Last week, ACE welcomed two delegations from overseas. Over thirty members of the Danish Waste Association, led by Managing IMG_0339Director Jacob Simonsen, visited ACE to learn more about our re-use and recycling operations. They had a particular interest in the Revolve accreditation, ensuring quality standards in second hand furniture. Malcolm McArdle and Davie Lawson gave a presentation outlining ACE’s thirty years of experience in the re-use sector. The visitors then enjoyed a tour of our store and warehouses.

On Friday we were visited by representatives of Shanghai Environmental Industry, who were also keen to learn more about recycling and re-use in Scotland. Currently, the vast majority of waste in Shanghai is burned or buried and our visitors wished to examine alternatives to this. After a presentation by Malcolm McArdle and Lisa Toon, the delegates were given a tour of ACE, including the inside of one of our recycling collection vehicles.

ACE is proud to be so highly regarded by international visitors, recognising our commitment to improving both the environment and local communities through the provision of job and placement opportunities.