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Farming with biorefined products in Australia

ACE’s Managing Director, Malcolm McArdle, recently visited the Haselton Farm in Ayr (Queensland, Australia) to see for himself the incredible soil improvement brought about through the use of VRM Biorefined products. VRM products are made from recycled food and green waste. The benefits to farmers of using these products include improved soil carbon, reduction in fertiliser use and improved free phosphorous gain for crops.

Farming in Queensland Australia have been using VRM products to improve soil performance and reduce fertiliser usage. This picture shows differing soil conditions in two sugar cane fields side by side.

The top field belongs to Matty Kangas and soil moisture is constant even in dry conditions. The soil structure in the bottom field is much sandier and has very poor moisture content. Matty has been using the VRM process for 14 years now.

“The other benefit,” says Matty. “Is that we have very little weed control requirements on our VRM fed fields, it’s quite remarkable.”