0330 022 5998 | info@brightwaste.com
0330 022 5998 | info@brightwaste.com
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Confidential Paper

Confidential paper recycling shredded

Confidential Paper

Invoices, HMRC paperwork, payroll and HR paperwork, bank details, legal papers, archives can all be dealt with by our confidential paper recycling service in Edinburgh and Glasgow. Brightwaste provide a simple and secure system for onsite and offsite destruction.

Fun Fact

You can throw in your level arch files with your confidential waste. Even the metal parts get chopped up and recycled. And never later detectable, not even in your loo roll.

What you can recycle

Yes please – Invoices, bank statements, customer details, contracts, legal papers, payroll and HR papers, old archive papers.

What you can’t recycle

No thank you – Old boots. Reading glasses. Underwear. (Yes, we’ve found all of these in confidential waste).

Where you put it

We provide consoles and locked units of all sizes and styles to suit your office.

How we collect it

We can collect your waste confidential paper on an ad hoc or regular basis depending on your usage. You buy our bags and we destroy onsite or offsite depending on your preferences.

What happens to it

Once shredded it is illegible and safe for recycling. It is processed and sold to paper mills or other industry users to start its new life.