0330 022 5998 | info@brightwaste.com
0330 022 5998 | info@brightwaste.com
Recycling throughout Central Scotland
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Cans Recycling

Recycling cans

Tins and Cans


Aluminium cans can be recycled to use again in 6 weeks. Recycling cans is a rewarding process.

What you can recycle

Yes please – Drinks cans, food cans (preferably rinsed out, but don’t worry about labels around outside of cans and tins), biscuit tins, aerosols, scrunched up aluminium foil, aluminium tubes (eg tomato puree) but not caps.

What you can’t recycle

No thank you – Food pouches, crisp packets.

Where you put it

In our special Brightwaste cardboard office bins, in the CANS AND PLASTICS section.

How we collect it

The Brightwaste bin will have a transparent Brightwaste sack liner which you buy from us and when full it is taken to a collection point. We can collect from kerbside, car park or from within your office.

What happens to it

We collect all tin and steel and sort it ready for collection, ready for uplift to be baled, processed, cleaned, melted, cooled, rolled, and made into cans again.